Money for a Dream…

Last year I found myself out of work, what was I to do? I knew what I didn’t want to do anymore. I no longer wanted to sit behind a desk and work for Corporate America. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, but how do I do that? I searched many non-profit organizations and while they would have loved to have me, none were paying a salary. I do have a family and needed some income.  The decision all happened one day while I was working out with my personal trainer. I admired her greatly for what she had done for me and so many others.   I wondered…could I do this? So, I asked her knowing I didn’t exactly look the part of a personal trainer. She answered back you have the energy, the enthusisasm, the ability to relate…you can definitely do this! I was SO excited, she gave me the name of a school to earn my degree.

I went to visit the school, the National Personal Training Institute, and loved it, it felt like where I was meant to be. I will learn the science behind the training and the practical side of training; however one slight issue…program was $6,300. I did have some savings, but where else could I look for monies? I belong to a wonderful philantrophic organization that has a foundation that gives out thousands for scholarships, Epsilon Sigma Alpha. However, I didn’t know if I qualified….I was going back to school and I knew the deadline was fast approaching. I did some research on the website and while I didn’t qualify for the scholarships, I did for a grant! I had the possiblity of securing $1,000 for my school, my dream of becoming a personal trainer.

I filled out the applications and got the appropriate references. Lo and behold, I was awarded the money! Wow! A $1,000 would really help with my schooling. I just graduated school the beginning of July and I am a personal trainer now. I just accepted my first job at a great gym and soon I’ll be making a difference in the lives of others. I will be helping them to feel FIT and ALIVE!!!! Is there a better feeling than having someone feel alive? See themselves positively? I don’t think so….

You too, might be able to find money for your dream career. The ESA Foundation offers many options, check them out!

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