Group Exercise, Give it a Try!

group exWhen I attended the National Personal Training Institute, I never thought I would one day teach group exercise.  I believed I would be a personal trainer in a gym leading people one on one to achieve their fitness goals.  Well, one never knows where their road may lead and I now also teach group exercise along with my personal training business.

My outlook is the same for group exercise as it is with personal training.  People come to class to reach their fitness goals and for whatever reason prefer that setting, could be cost, could be they prefer a group, could be less intimidating.   I try to teach with lively music, relatively easy movements with levels of difficulty for everyone in the class.   I have had extremely fit people in my class and seniors with knee replacements, it is all in adapting to your class.  Know your class, relate to your class… they will become fans!  I also do my best to educate my classes…why we do certain movements, what muscles are engaged, why we incorporate cardio, and anything else they might ask.  I am a teacher, not just someone who leads the exercise.   I ask all my students to learn, educate, and even if they never come back to me….pay it forward with the fitness education.  Everyone deserves a Beautiful Life, so why not encourage others to “Be Fit and Alive”!

I currently teach adult fitness classes at Bond Community Center Park:

Cardio-Combo (30 minutes of cardio, a balance track, then strength and conditioning followed lastly by a stretch track)

Offered Mon/Wed at Noon and Tue/Thur at 6pm

Total Body Conditioning (kick boxing, strength and conditioning, cardio, plyometrics) for a full body workout

Offered Tue/Thur at Noon and Tue/Thur at 7:15pm

All classes set to MUSIC!!!!  It’s fun and full of energy.  Give it a try… You can do so by acquiring a one-time fitness pass for $5.  If you are hooked, you can register for next session or buy a fitness pass in bulk.

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