Learning to Adapt…

I contract through the Town of Cary Parks and Recreation, specifically the community centers.  In trying to grow my business, I asked them “What days/rooms/times do you have vacant?”  I mean “when does the center sit empty?”  One director responded, “we don’t have enough preschool classes and our kitchen sits empty at least 50% of the time”.

“HMMMMMM…. Opportunity, I thought to myself…now what could I offer?”   I’ve created Little Tyke Sports, Storybook Artists, and Lil’ Cooks in the Kitchen…and adding birthday parties this summer.

Little Tyke Sports (Ages 3-5)Featured image

Get your little guy (or gal) started early by learning the basic fundamentals of different sports. Coach Laura, will teach the basics all while having fun!  Offering soccer, basketball, and soccer.

Lil’ Cooks in the Kitchen (Ages 3-5)

Kids will discover the fun in cooking along with story book characters who are cooking up the same thing they are! Kids will love the stories that will go along with the main dish. From Spaghetti to Cupcakes, you don’t want to miss these cooking adventures! Parent participation required.

Storybook Artists (Ages 3-5)

Kids will discover the fun creating art along with story book characters. From beautiful masterpieces of spaghetti to sugar plum fairy dolls, come journey in storybook time and create your own unique artwork!

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