Learning to Adapt…

I contract through the Town of Cary Parks and Recreation, specifically the community centers.  In trying to grow my business, I asked them “What days/rooms/times do you have vacant?”  I mean “when does the center sit empty?”  One director responded, “we don’t have enough preschool classes and our kitchen sits empty at least 50% of the time”.

“HMMMMMM…. Opportunity, I thought to myself…now what could I offer?”   I’ve created Little Tyke Sports, Storybook Artists, and Lil’ Cooks in the Kitchen…and adding birthday parties this summer.

Little Tyke Sports (Ages 3-5)Featured image

Get your little guy (or gal) started early by learning the basic fundamentals of different sports. Coach Laura, will teach the basics all while having fun!  Offering soccer, basketball, and soccer.

Lil’ Cooks in the Kitchen (Ages 3-5)

Kids will discover the fun in cooking along with story book characters who are cooking up the same thing they are! Kids will love the stories that will go along with the main dish. From Spaghetti to Cupcakes, you don’t want to miss these cooking adventures! Parent participation required.

Storybook Artists (Ages 3-5)

Kids will discover the fun creating art along with story book characters. From beautiful masterpieces of spaghetti to sugar plum fairy dolls, come journey in storybook time and create your own unique artwork!

Starting Bella Vie Fitness

Why Bella Vie Fitness?  Well, it means “beautiful life” and I do believe everyone deserves a beautiful life, inside and out.  Why start my own company you might ask?

I trained at a large gym since August 2011 and experienced many types of clients, obese, athletes, young, old, shoulder injuries, knee injuries; I even trained in Spanish!  Finally the time came, the time to work for myself!    I long dreamed of having a job where I was in control of my own destiny…so why not now?

Bella Vie Fitness offers personal training wherever you are – in home, in the park, community centers, or even your local apartment fitness center.  Want to train with your friends?  Gather them up and let us create a unique group exercise program tailored to your level, goals, and interest. Oldies, rock, pop, and country, we have fun grooving to them all!

Making a difference in someone’s live is the greatest joy we here at Bella Vie Fitness can receive.  Let us transform you physically and emotionally to the “beautiful life” you deserve.

Money for a Dream…

Last year I found myself out of work, what was I to do? I knew what I didn’t want to do anymore. I no longer wanted to sit behind a desk and work for Corporate America. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, but how do I do that? I searched many non-profit organizations and while they would have loved to have me, none were paying a salary. I do have a family and needed some income.  The decision all happened one day while I was working out with my personal trainer. I admired her greatly for what she had done for me and so many others.   I wondered…could I do this? So, I asked her knowing I didn’t exactly look the part of a personal trainer. She answered back you have the energy, the enthusisasm, the ability to relate…you can definitely do this! I was SO excited, she gave me the name of a school to earn my degree.

I went to visit the school, the National Personal Training Institute, and loved it, it felt like where I was meant to be. I will learn the science behind the training and the practical side of training; however one slight issue…program was $6,300. I did have some savings, but where else could I look for monies? I belong to a wonderful philantrophic organization that has a foundation that gives out thousands for scholarships, Epsilon Sigma Alpha. However, I didn’t know if I qualified….I was going back to school and I knew the deadline was fast approaching. I did some research on the website and while I didn’t qualify for the scholarships, I did for a grant! I had the possiblity of securing $1,000 for my school, my dream of becoming a personal trainer.

I filled out the applications and got the appropriate references. Lo and behold, I was awarded the money! Wow! A $1,000 would really help with my schooling. I just graduated school the beginning of July and I am a personal trainer now. I just accepted my first job at a great gym and soon I’ll be making a difference in the lives of others. I will be helping them to feel FIT and ALIVE!!!! Is there a better feeling than having someone feel alive? See themselves positively? I don’t think so….

You too, might be able to find money for your dream career. The ESA Foundation offers many options, check them out!

You have sore muscles?

When I first began working out with my trainer, she had me do 3 sets of tricep pushups against the wall, 15 repititions.  No weights, just the wall, was the resistance.  Easy you think?  Well, for a lady that had very weak triceps and definitely a beginner…easy they were not.  I could definitely feel the burn in the third set.  We finished our workout and I was very tired.  My arms felt like they were going to fall off.

The next day when I woke, my triceps were extremely sore.  My trainer called to check on me.  I told her about my tricep soreness.  She explained that muscle soreness was a good thing.  She explained that I needed to rest those muscles for at least 48 hours.  She explained how the muscles had small tears and would grow back stronger.  I had no clue, I believed her, and went about my day.

It is now 4 years later, I’m in school and know the scientific reason for muscle soreness.  When you work your muscles at a high intensity (the definition is different for every person), you experience small microscopic tears in your muscle belly.  These tears are sometimes referred to as “baby ankle sprains”.   Why, baby ankle sprains?  Well, like a sprained ankle which causes inflammation pockets, baby ankle sprains are on a more microscopic level located in the muscle belly and tendon of the muscle.

Usually the next day, you will experience soreness in these muscles known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  Why is this a good thing?  Your body will build your muscle back even stronger than before and soon you will see adaptations.  For instance, the exercise with the reps, weights, and sets become easier and soreness is no longer experienced.  It is time to increase the intensity again.  The one important rule you must follow however is sore muscles should be given at least 48 hours rest before working again.  This allows ample time for repair and will avoid an injury.

I work out relatively high intensity, at least 5 times a week,  and I still experience sore muscles.  Do the same tricep pushups give me sore muscles?….well, no… I’m much stronger, I can do the pushups on the floor now and many many more.    I now know that when my muscles are sore…. I worked them hard!… and that is a good thing!!!  Adaptations are being made…I’m getting stronger.

So don’t be afraid…work those muscles!

Laid off? A good thing!

Last summer, I was laid off from my job in the technology arena.  It was absolutely the best thing that happened to me.  How, you ask?  I had worked for 23 years in a job that had become so unmotivating.  I have an expressive personality and was told a few times by my manager… “you are too happy”.  Too happy, I didn’t know being happy was a bad thing.  As jobs were being sent overseas, my job was eliminated.

I was very fortunate that I had 5 months of severance to determine what I wanted to do.  I did know what I didn’t want to do.  I was determined to find a job where I could “be happy”, “be helpful”, and “make a difference”!  I looked at opportunities at the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and others; however, only volunteer positions available.  I have a family and need to make a living.  Hmmmm, what can I do?

One day, I was at my gym with my trainer and wondered if I could be a trainer.  I didn’t think I had the appropriate body type.  I had lost 60lbs, but still no means was I thin.  I asked my trainer, “do you think I could be a trainer?”  She said, “more people will relate to you because you’ve been there…”  We talked for a good bit and she suggested a school, NPTI – National Personal Training Institute.  I visited their website and requested more information.  My interest was sparked, so I made an appointment to visit.  I was in luck their classroom was in Raleigh, only 10 miles from me.

What happened when I got there? I met the lead instructor of NPTI, Alan Wiest.  We sat down and talked, he had such passion for the program and answered every question I had.  I believe we spoke for almost 2 hours.  In our discussions, I felt like this was where I was meant to be.  Everything about it just seemed right.  I submitted my application and deposit the very next morning.

In January 2011, I began class, my journey to become a personal trainer.  We have absolutely the best instructor I’ve ever had and I did earn my bachelors degree.  He teaches us anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, the business side and the practical side of training.  Alan delivers his message with passion; he is easy to understand and gives many examples.  He truly cares about the education of each and every student.   I have been blessed to have him as an instructor and an inspiration.  We also have another instructor that teaches us nutrition.  She is very knowleageble and a joy.  I absolutely love the class, the students, the instructors, the curriculm, and the practical.  I am a few months shy of graduation.  I have enjoyed every moment in class.  I have received an unbelievable education and am SO excited to begin a new career.  A career that will allow me to make a difference in the lives of others… is there anything better than that?

So being laid off… could just turn out to be a good thing for you… as it was for ME!