Are you 8 or 80? 4 or 40?  Want more cardio?  Looking for a bootcamp?  Prefer more personalized one-on-one training?  Prefer a group class?  We offer fitness classes and personal training for all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.

The classes below are offered through the Town of Cary Community Centers and are starting soon. You can sign-up online or in person by using the class code a the end of the desciption.

Adult Fitness

Boathouse Bootcamp, 5/23 – 6/29 (M/W 7-7:45am) – Looking at getting that challenging and effective workout before the daily summer heat hits? Let’s meet at the Bond Park Boathouse for an early workout combining cardio drills and muscle conditioning. Be on your way to working your total body and creating a fit you! Please bring your own mat.

  • Mon/Wed  5/23 – 6/29 7 -7:45am #94952
  • Mon/Wed 7/11 – 8/24 7 -7:45am  #94953

Cardio-Combo– Step training and classic high and low-impact aerobics, kickboxing, and weight training.

  • Tue/Thur 4/19 – 5/25 6-7pm #91350
  • Tue/Thur 5/31 – 7/7 6:15-7pm #94948
  • Tue/Thur 7/12 – 8/18 6:15-7pm #94949

Total Body Conditioning – An invigorating, time-efficient workout that focuses on cardiovascular conditioning, as well as strengthening and muscle toning. A variety of techniques are applied to ensure cross-training which will include the use of body bars and weights. Recommended for anyone on the go who wants to make sure they can get in a great workout before the weekend!

  • Tue/Thur 4/19 – 5/26 7:15-8pm #91353
  • Tue/Thur 5/31 – 7/7 7:15-8pm #94950
  • Tue/Thur 7/12 – 8/18 7:15-8pm #94951


Little Tykes Sports – Get your little guy (or gal) started early by learning the basic fundamentals of different sports. Coach Laura, will teach the basics all while having fun! Ages 3-5

  • Tue Little Sluggers 7/5 – 7/19 9:30-10:15am #94499

Sports of All Kinds – Do you want your child to start trying different sports, but not sure where to start? This class will help get your child active. The class will cover a different sport each week and teach the fundamental skills of each sport. The goal is to teach the basics in an introductory, positive, and fun environment.  Ages 5-8

  • Sat 6/4 – 7/2 9:30 – 10:15am #95035


Stretch, Flex, and Balance – A gentle approach to building flexibility, strength, and balance to maintain an active lifestyle. We will incorporate body weight exercises, use resistance bands, fitness balls, and stretching exercises all while having fun!

  • Mon 6/6 – 7/11  1-1:50pm  #94469
  • Tues/Thur 6/14 – 7/14  12-12:50pm #94465

You Can Do It! – Have fun while increasing cardiovascular endurance. We will keep you up and moving for 25 minutes. The remainder of the class will focus on stability, strength and/or flexibility. Athletic shoes required.

  • Tue/Thur 6/14 – 7/14 11-11:50am  #94480
  • Tue/Thur 7/19 – 8/18 11-11:50pm  #94481

Special Needs

Cardio Dance Combo – Love to dance? Then this class is for you! This cardio workout is a dance fitness combination that is fast paced, easy to follow and set to popular music.

  • Tues 4/13 – 5/16  3:45-4:30pm, #91741
  • Thurs 4/13 – 5/16 3:45-4:30pm, #91743
  • Thurs 6/30 – 8/25 4:15 – 5:00pm, #94491

Cardio Kickboxing (All Levels) – This infusion class combines old school aerobics and dance with the high intensity of kickboxing. It’s guaranteed that you will sweat to the rocking music!

  • Mon 6/6 – 6/27 6:30-7:15pm #95220
  • Mon 7/18 – 8/29 6:30-7:15pm #95222

Personal Training

Bella Vie Fitness offers personal training wherever you are – in home, in the park, community centers, or even your local apartment fitness center.  Want to train with your friends?  Gather them up and let us create a unique group exercise program tailored to your level, goals, and interest. Oldies, rock, pop, and country, we have fun grooving to them all!

Making a difference in someone’s live is the greatest joy we here at Bella Vie Fitness can receive.  Let me help you transform physically and emotionally to the “beautiful life” you deserve.