Starting Bella Vie Fitness

Why Bella Vie Fitness?  Well, it means “beautiful life” and I do believe everyone deserves a beautiful life, inside and out.  Why start my own company you might ask?

I trained at a large gym since August 2011 and experienced many types of clients, obese, athletes, young, old, shoulder injuries, knee injuries; I even trained in Spanish!  Finally the time came, the time to work for myself!    I long dreamed of having a job where I was in control of my own destiny…so why not now?

Bella Vie Fitness offers personal training wherever you are – in home, in the park, community centers, or even your local apartment fitness center.  Want to train with your friends?  Gather them up and let us create a unique group exercise program tailored to your level, goals, and interest. Oldies, rock, pop, and country, we have fun grooving to them all!

Making a difference in someone’s live is the greatest joy we here at Bella Vie Fitness can receive.  Let us transform you physically and emotionally to the “beautiful life” you deserve.

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